Table of Contents

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Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #1: Introduction

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #2: Three Forms of Neuroplasticity

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #3: Tools and Techniques

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #4: Positive Personal Affirmations

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #5: Challenging Our Self-Destructive Thoughts

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #6: Affirmative Visualization

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #7: Constructing Our Neural Information

Neural Restructuring and Recovery

DeConstructing ReChanneling

Psychological Dysfunction: Myths and Misinformation

Self-Esteem in Recovery

Social Anxiety Disorder and Relationships

The Wellness Model of Mental Health


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Neuroscience and Happiness: Neuroplasticity and Positive Behavioral Change

Social Anxiety Disorder in the LGBTQ+ Community


Discussion Group: Social Anxiety and Proactive Neuroplasticity

Discussion Group: ReChanneling: Recovery and Empowerment

Discussion group: LGBTQ+ Social Anxiety Group


Anatomy of an Online Recovery Workshop

Can’t Buy Me Love – Cognitive Distortion #12: Heaven’s Reward Fallacy

Challenging Our Self-Destructive Thoughts

Controlled or Controlling: Who’s in Charge? – Cognitive Distortion #3: Control Fallacies

DeConstructing ReChanneling

Devising Response Plans for Anticipated and Unexpected Situations

Diagnosing Your Disorder. (It’s likely you’ve been misdiagnosed)

Don’t Take It Personally – Cognitive Distortion #6: Personalization

Draft Chapter 1: Social Anxiety. Why Do We Resist Recovery

Draft Chapter 3: Assessing the Enemy’s Tactics

Draft Chapter 5: The Trajectory of Our Self-Annihilation

Draft Chapter 7: The Awesome Power of Proactive Neuroplasticity

Draft Chapter 9: Constructing Our Neural Information

Draft Chapter 11: Regenerating Our Self-Esteem

Draft Chapter 12: Positive Personal Affirmations

Draft Chapter 16: Strategizing Our Recovery

Draft Chapter 19: Coping Mechanisms for Unexpected Situations

Draft Chapter 25: Affirmative Visualization

Draft Chapter 28: Defense Mechanisms

DRNI: Proactively Restructuring Our Neural Network

Dysfunction in the LGBTQ+ Community

Dysfunction is Evidence of Our Humanness

The Facileness of Blaming – Cognitive Distortion #2: Blaming

Feeling Our Way Through Life – Cognitive Distortion #1: Emotional Reasoning

Healthy Philautia and Self-Esteem

The Hostility of Mental Health Stigma

I’m Right, You’re Not – Cognitive Distortion #13: Always Being Right

It’s Not Your Fault!

j’accuse. Cognitive Distortion #11: Jumping to Conclusions

Neuroscience and Happiness: Neuroplasticity and Positive Behavioral Change

Positive Psychology and the Wellness Model of Mental Health

Proactive Neuroplasticity and Positive Behavioral Change

Proactive Neuroplasticity YouTube Series

ReChanneling: Recovery and Empowerment

ReChanneling: Updates and Happenings, Fall 2022

Recovery and the Willful Pursuit of Ignorance

ReChanneling Our Personal Disharmony

Reduced to a Label – Cognitive Distortion #8: Labeling

Repeat Offender – Cognitive Distortion #7: Overgeneralization

Resolving Our Negative Moral Emotions

SAD Top 10 Apprehensions and Fears

The Science of Positive Personal Affirmations

Selective Perspective – Cognitive Distortion #4: Filtering and #5: Polarized Thinking

Services Offered by ReChanneling

The Sky is Falling! Cognitive Distortion #10: Catastrophizing

Social Anxiety Disorder and Relationships

Social Anxiety Disorder: A Definitive Guide

There is No Shame in Mental Illness

Thirteen Definitive Cognitive Distortions

The Trajectory of Self-Defeat: ANTs, ARTs, and Dysfunctional Assumptions

Utilizing Psychobiography to Moderate Symptoms of SAD. Clio’s Psyche, Winter 2022

Value of Mindfulness in Recovery

Whoever Said, Life is Fair? Cognitive Distortion #9: The Fallacy of Fairness

Why One-Size-Fits-All Approaches Fail

Why the Term ‘Mental Illness’ is Unhealthy

Words that Impede Recovery

You Deserve to Be Treated with Dignity and Respect.