Table of Contents

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Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #1: Introduction

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #2: Three Forms of Neuroplasticity

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #3: Tools and Techniques

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #4: Positive Personal Affirmations

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #5: Challenging Our Self-Destructive Thoughts

Proactive Neuroplasticity Series #6: Affirmative Visualization

Neural Restructuring and Recovery

DeConstructing ReChanneling

Psychological Dysfunction: Myths and Misinformation

Self-Esteem in Recovery

Social Anxiety Disorder and Relationships

The Wellness Model of Mental Health



Neuroscience and Happiness: Neuroplasticity and Positive Behavioral Change

Social Anxiety Disorder in the LGBTQ+ Community


Discussion Group: Social Anxiety and Proactive Neuroplasticity

Discussion Group: ReChanneling: Recovery and Empowerment

Discussion group: LGBTQ+ Social Anxiety Group


Affirmative Visualization

Anatomy of an Online Recovery Workshop

Challenging Our Self-Destructive Thoughts

Constructing Our Neural Information

DeConstructing ReChanneling

Devising Response Plans for Anticipated and Unexpected Situations

Diagnosing Your Disorder. (It’s likely you’ve been misdiagnosed)

Draft Chapter 1: Social Anxiety. Why Do We Resist Recovery

Draft Chapter 3: Assessing the Enemy’s Tactics

Draft Chapter 5: The Trajectory of Our Self-Annihilation

DRNI: Proactively Restructuring Our Neural Network

Dysfunction in the LGBTQ+ Community

Dysfunction is Evidence of Our Humanness

Healthy Philautia and Self-Esteem

The Hostility of Mental Health Stigma

It’s Not Your Fault!

Neuroscience and Happiness: Neuroplasticity and Positive Behavioral Change

Positive Psychology and the Wellness Model of Mental Health

Proactive Neuroplasticity and Positive Behavioral Change

Proactive Neuroplasticity YouTube Series

ReChanneling: Recovery and Empowerment

ReChanneling: Updates and Happenings, Fall 2022

Recovery and the Willful Pursuit of Ignorance

Rechanneling Our Personal Disharmony

Resolving Our Negative Moral Emotions

SAD Top 10 Apprehensions and Fears

The Science of Positive Personal Affirmations

Services Offered by ReChanneling

Social Anxiety Disorder and Relationships

Social Anxiety Disorder: A Definitive Guide

There is No Shame in Mental Illness

Thirteen Definitive Cognitive Distortions

The Trajectory of Self-Defeat: ANTs, ARTs, and Dysfunctional Assumptions

Value of Mindfulness in Recovery

Why One-Size-Fits-All Approaches Fail

Why the Term ‘Mental Illness’ is Unhealthy

You Deserve to Be Treated with Dignity and Respect.