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The Disease Model of ‘mental’ health focuses on what is wrong with you. You are not a person; you are your diagnosis. The Wellness Model emphasizes your character strengths and virtues that generate the motivation, persistence, and perseverance crucial to recovery.

Dr. Robert F. Mullen discusses the myths and misinformation about mental health supported by the pathographic focus of the disease model of mental healthcare, which is responsible for negative public opinion, media misrepresentation, misdiagnoses, stigma, and overall pessimism of the industry as a whole.

ReChanneling is dedicated to researching methods to alleviate symptoms of psychological dysfunction (neurosis) and discomfort that impact your emotional wellbeing and quality of life. It does this by targeting the individual personality through a Wellness Model of empathy, collaboration, and program integration.

Social anxiety disorder is arguably the most underrated and misunderstood psychological dysfunction. A debilitating and chronic affliction, SAD affects the perceptual, cognitive, personality, and social activities of the afflicted. It wreaks havoc on the person ‘s emotional wellbeing and quality of life.


A state-of-the-art book on love in research and practice, anchored in classical, contemporary and postmodern perspectives and disciplines. Expands previous theoretical, empirical and applied research by presenting new transcultural and transdisciplinary approaches. A must for scientists, researchers and practitioners.


This practical overview of Buddhist psychology outlines step-by-step methods for examining the source of our habitual tendencies and hangups. A clear system for understanding our psychological dispositions, pro- cesses, fixations, and challenges — a system known as the Abhidharma. 


Like most people nowadays, you too want to keep on developing yourself, don’t you? Reshaping Your Life is about the personal development that scripts your life regardless of the uncertainty of changes. This century, we seek the freedom of our decisions. Personal development is one of the key aspects to achieve that freedom.        


The book and its strategies helps you to develop a full arsenal of skills for quieting negative thoughts, changing negative thinking habits, and learning to feel less anxious. You are in control of this happening — and the goal of overcoming social anxiety is to teach you, step by step, HOW TO accomplish this goal.


New insights into contemporary trends and  perspectives  in  psycho-biographical research. It applies new theoretical and methodological frameworks and offers discourses on psychobiography from trans-disciplinary backgrounds and various socio-cultural contexts, displaying new themes and themes in psychobiography.

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