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Video: DeConstructing ReChanneling


ReChanneling is an organization dedicated to researching methods to mitigate symptoms of psychological dysfunction and discomfort that impact your emotional wellbeing and quality of life. It does this by targeting the personality through a positive Wellness Model of empathy, collaboration, and program integration. It is a paradigmatic approach to historically and clinically effective methods of recovery. VIDEO

Video: Wellness Model

The Wellness Model of Mental Health in the 21st Century

The disease or medical model has been the approach towards mental health since the dawning of civilization. It is called the pathographic perspective. Pathography is the history of our suffering. The Wellness Model focuses, not on our disease and deficits, but on our character strengths, virtues, and achievements. A disorder, condition, or dysfunction is what used to be called a neurosis. A neurosis is a common part of natural human development. It is, simply, a condition that negatively impacts our emotional wellbeing and quality of life.