Dr. Robert F. Mullen

Dr. Mullen is director of ReChanneling, an organization dedicated to researching methods to alleviate symptoms of psychological dysfunctions (neuroses) and discomfort that impact one’s emotional wellbeing and quality of life. It does this by targeting the personality through empathy, collaboration, and program integration. ReChanneling is a system of common-sense solutions, evident in their simplicity. It is a paradigmatic approach to historically and clinically practical approaches. Dr. Mullen facilitates seminars and practicums on ReChanneling, Strategizing Your Psychological Dysfunction, and Memory Retrieval and Emotional Recall, as well as workshops focused on specific mental disorders. A published worldwide academic author, he is a philosophy graduate of California Institute of Integral Studies; his dissertation focused on advanced human potential―the capacity to harness the intrinsic aptitude for extraordinary living and the potential to lift the human spirit. Mullen’s academic disciplines include contemporary behavior, modified psychobiography, and method psychology. A former director and teacher of method acting, Mullen incorporates Stanislavski’s emotional retrieval and retention into his programs. 

Mullen has reviewed for academic journals and presented before numerous academic organizations. At graduate school, he assisted colleagues in developing theses and dissertations, prompting one to write, “I have never encountered such an efficient professional. His work transpires dedication, care, and love for what he does. Mullen is a firm advocate of the Wellness Model of mental healthcare, disputing the etiology-driven disease or medical model’s effectiveness. 

Affected with social anxiety disorder, Mullen spent his early years assuming his emotional and behavioral problems were due to some inherent inadequacy, a diagnosis supported by family, clergy, and health professionals. Years later, study for his degree revealed social anxiety disorder. Armed with that knowledge, he set forward to develop methods to alleviate the symptoms of dysfunctions and discomforts, starting with colleagues also afflicted with social anxiety disorder. This developed into workshops and practicums for over 400 individuals in the San Francisco bay area. Recognizing the similarities among the many psychological dysfunctions, Mullen broadened his research to include the multiple forms of anxiety and depression and their comorbidities, e.g., PTSD, OCD, substance abuse, self-esteem issues, etc. ReChanneling is the culmination of those efforts. 

I am simply in awe at the writing, your insights, your deep knowing of transcendence, your intuitive understanding of psychic-physical pain, your connection of the pain to healing … and above all your innate compassion for those you speak of . . .         Janice Parker Ph.D.


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