ReChanneling: Updates and Happenings

Next Social Anxiety Recovery Workshops
Mondays: May 30th – August 1st
Thursdays: June 9th – August 11th
10 consecutive weekday evenings: 7:15-8:30 PM
Maximum 8 participants
See Anatomy of an Online Workshop
For more information, CONTACT US

Scholarships Available

ReChanneling has uploaded the first five installments of our YouTube Series on Proactive Neuroplasticity. is currently offering two ReChanneling courses: Neuroscience and Happiness: A Guide to Neuroplasticity and Positive Behavioral Change and Social Anxiety in the LGBTQ+ Community.

A Canadian mental health website published Proactive Neuroplasticity and Positive Behavioral Change which we have reposted to the ReChanneling website There are several new posts as well: 

Affirmative Visualization
Challenging Our Self-Destructive Thoughts
Rechanneling Our Personal Disharmony
Constructing Our Neural Network 
Identifying Our Situational Anxiety

ReChanneling currently facilitates roughly 800 individuals with social anxiety disorder in our two discussion groups. Social Anxiety and Proactive Neuroplasticity and LGBTQ+ Social Anxiety Group

A third discussion group, ReChanneling: Recovery and Empowerment focuses on proactive neuroplasticity in the pursuit of goals and objectives.

Currently, our most popular tutorial is The Science of Positive Personal Affirmations.

It will soon be one year since the publication of Springer’s Handbook of Love. Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Perspectives. On May 5th, our chapter on social anxiety disorder and relationships will be uploaded to ResearchGate and It’s titled ‘Enlisting Positive Psychologies to Challenge Love Within SAD’s Culture of Maladaptive Self-Beliefs.’

You can access other publications in the Value of Psychobiography.

Matty Saven

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