The Value of Psychobiography

Abstractions of Intent: How a Psychobiography Grapples with the Fluidity of Truth
Broadening the Parameters of the Psychobiography: The Character Motivations of the ‘Ordinary’ Extraordinary

Robert F. Mullen, Ph.D.

Just published: “Broadening the Parameters of the Psychobiography: The Character Motivations of the ‘Ordinary’ Extraordinary”  in C-H Mayer, P. J. P. Fouché, R. Van Niekerk (eds.) Psychobiographical Illustrations on Meaning and Identity in Sociocultural Contexts from Palgrave MacMillan.

The Psychobiography

A psychobiography is a biographical study focusing on psychological factors, such as childhood disturbances and unconscious motives. It studies the character strengths, virtues, and attributes that generate the motivation, persistence, and perseverance to pursue our goals and objectives and attain optimum functioning. The psychobiography utilizes an integration of psychodynamic or psychoanalytic approaches including individual history, case study, data collection, hermeneutics, and narrative. Originally directed towards historically significant individuals, it is now used to research methods to (1) alleviate symptoms of dysfunction (disorder) and discomfort (neurosis) that impact an individual’s emotional wellbeing and quality of life, (2) pursue personal goals and objectives—eliminating a bad habit, self-transformation—harnessing our intrinsic aptitude for extraordinary living. 

Other Publications

Enlisting Positive Psychologies to Challenge Love within SAD’s Culture of Maladaptive Self-Beliefs in C.-E. Mayer, E. Vanderheiden (eds.) International Handbook of Love: Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Perspectives. Insight into the relationship deficits experienced by people with SAD. Their innate need-for-intimacy is no less dynamic than that of any individual, but their impairment disrupts the ability (means-of-acquisition) to establish affectional bonds in almost any capacity. Now available from Amazon and other fine booksellers. The prepublication draft can be accessed here.

The Art of Authenticity: Constantin Stanislavski and Merleau-PontyJournal of Literature and Art Studies, 6 (7):790-803 (2016). doi:10.17265/2159-5836/2016.07.010. 

Utilizing Stanislavski’s method for authentic stage acting to address our volatile emotions to deconstruct and better understand and control them. 

Establishing a Wellness Model for LGBTQ+ Persons with Anxiety and Depression., doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.17550.38728

The wellness model’s emphasis on character strengths, virtues, and attributes not only positively impacts the self-beliefs and image of a mentally ill person but resonates in sexual and gender-based identities and portends well, the recovery-remission of an LGBTQ+ person.

Holy Stigmata, Anorexia, and Self-Mutilation: Parallels in Pain and Imagining. Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies, 9:25, 2010.   

Addresses the types of personalities that engage in self-mutilation and how some manipulate their self-inflicted pain for healing and empowerment.

Additional Publications

(2020) A Wellness Model of Recovery-Remission from Mental Illness in the 21st Century., doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.13413.22244

(2018) Debunking the Origins of Morality; the Individual’s Commitment to Humanity,

(2018) Aurobindo’s Supermind, Teilhard’s Omega Point & Plato’s Doctrine of Recollection,

(2014) Evolutionary Panentheism and Metanormal Human Capacity.  California Institute of Integral Studies, 2014, 355; 3680241.

(2012) Aristotle and the Natural Slave: The Athenian Relationship with India, Mithras Reader Vol III: An Academic and Religious Journal of Greek, Roman and Persian Studies.


WHY IS YOUR SUPPORT SO IMPORTANT?  ReChanneling develops and implements programs to (1) moderate symptoms of emotional dysfunction and (2) pursue personal goals and objectives – harnessing our intrinsic aptitude for extraordinary living. Our paradigmatic approach targets the personality through empathy, collaboration, and program integration utilizing scientific and clinically practical methods including proactive neuroplasticity, cognitive-behavioral modification, positive psychology, and techniques designed to reinvigorate self-esteem. All donations support scholarships for groups, workshops, and practicums.


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