Social Anxiety and Proactive Neuroplasticity

Social Anxiety and Proactive Neuroplasticity is a no-fee membership group that focuses on utilizing the tools and techniques of proactive neuroplasticity to dramatically alleviate the symptoms and traits of social anxiety.

All-day, every day, we experience fear, depression, loneliness, and emotional pain. Anxious about how others perceive us, we feel incompetent, awkward, and undesirable. We worry about criticism, disapproval, and rejection; never ‘fitting in.’ We’re apprehensive to enter a conversation, afraid we’ll have nothing to talk about and will appear dull or ignorant. We are caught up in an interconnected network of fear and avoidance of social situations. 

The group evolved from a 640-member group that focuses on social anxiety disorder in the LGBTQ+ community. It is an extension of Dr. Mullen’s course offered by called Neuroscience and Happiness. Neuroplasticity and Positive Behavioral ChangeYears of research, writing, and facilitating recovery groups and workshops that address dysfunction and discomfort evidenced that proactive neuroplasticity is the most effective means to accelerate and consolidate learning (and unlearning). A primary objective of recovery from social anxiety is replacing our irrational and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors with rational and productive ones. 

Proactive neuroplasticity empowers us to transform our thoughts, behaviors, and perspectives, creating healthy new mindsets, skills, and abilities. It can dramatically mitigate the self-destructive symptoms and traits of social anxiety. Utilizing the tools and techniques developed for DRNI (deliberate, repetitive, neural information), proactive neuroplasticity accelerates and consolidates learning and unlearning which directly correlates to recovery.

Proactive neuroplasticity deliberately compels our brain to repattern its neural circuitry. It’s what makes learning and registering new experiences possible. All information notifies our brain to restructure, producing a correlated change in behavior and perspective. What is significant is our ability to dramatically accelerate learning by deliberately compelling our brain to repattern its neural circuitry.

Utilizing an integration of science and east-west psychologies, DRNI is the most potent and effective means of learning as we structurally remodel our neural network. Science gives us proactive neuroplasticity, CBT and positive psychologies are western-oriented, and eastern practice provides the therapeutic aspects of Abhidharma psychology and self-analysis, and the overarching truths of ethical behavior.

This is a discussion group for individuals who want to learn the tools and techniques that facilitate proactive neuroplasticity to alleviate social anxiety and its common comorbidities. We will be a national, diverse membership, sharing experiences and insight through workshops, activities, discussion groups, virtual conference calls, etc.

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