ReChanneling: Recovery and Empowerment

We have created a ReChanneling membership group. This group will focus on utilizing the tools and techniques of proactive neuroplasticity to support personal goals and objectives—eliminating a bad habit, self-transformation—harnessing our intrinsic aptitude for extraordinary living. Members will receive a discount on groups, lectures, and workshops, have exclusive access to articles, innovative research, and a first look at the upcoming book in development: Recovery and Empowerment. Harnessing Your Aptitude for Extraordinary Living through ReChanneling.

ReChanneling: Recovery and Empowerment evolved from a 640-member group that focuses on social anxiety disorder. It is also an extension of my course offered by called Neuroscience and Happiness. Neuroplasticity and Positive Behavioral Change. Years of research, writing, and facilitating recovery groups and workshops that address dysfunction and discomfort evidenced that the methods utilized are fundamentally applicable to supporting our motivating personal concerns.

What is significant is our ability to dramatically accelerate learning by deliberately compelling our brain to repattern its neural circuitry. Neuroplasticity via deliberate, repetitive, neural information (DRNI) empowers us to proactively transform our thoughts, behaviors, and perspectives, creating healthy new mindsets, skills, and abilities. 

Proactive neuroplasticity accelerates learning by deliberately compelling our brain to repattern its neural circuitry. It’s what makes learning and registering new experiences possible. All information notifies our brain to restructure, producing a correlated change in behavior and perspective. 

ReChanneling targets the personality through empathy, collaboration, and program integration, utilizing science and clinically-proven methods. These include proactive neuroplasticity, cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and techniques designed towards the recovery and reinvigoration of self-esteem. 

This is a group for individuals who want to change their life by harnessing their intrinsic aptitude for extraordinary living. We will be a national, diverse membership, sharing experiences and insight through workshops, activities, discussion groups, virtual conference calls, etc.

Link to join:

Or, if you would like additional information before joining, please fill out the following form.

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