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ReChanneling Updates

NEUROSCIENCE AND HAPPINESS. NEUROPLASTICITY AND POSITIVE BEHAVIORAL CHANGE. 90-minute video course for’s new series of academic offerings. It’s an exciting new venture for; they have been most supportive during the process.

MY EXPERIENCE OF A RECHANNLING PRACTICUM A graduate of the 10-hour ReChanneling practicum has created a website partially dedicated to his experiences. He is halfway through the five-week, 10-hour session, sharing his reactions, thoughts, and perspectives in separate posts for each hour of the practicum and including the 4 weekly post-session work-at home. Matty is a graphics and media consultant contractor with ReChanneling, and his recollections are from notes taken during the last in-person practicum before the pandemic. ReChanneling’s practicums are tentatively scheduled to begin again by the end of the year.

ENLISITNG POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGIES TO CHALLENGE LOVE WITHIN SAD’S CULTURE OF MALADAPTIVE SELF-BELIEFS in Claude-Helene Mayer,  Elisabeth Vanderheiden (Eds.) International Handbook of Love Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Perspectives now available at Amazon and other fine booksellers. Chapter can be downloaded from Springer Here.

Why is your support essential? ReChanneling is dedicated to research and development of methods to alleviate symptoms of physiological dysfunction and discomfort. Our vision is to reshape the current pathographic emphasis on diagnoses over individual, which fosters a deficit, disease model of human behavior. Treatment programs must disavow ineffective, one-size-fits-all approaches and target the individual personality through communication, empathy, collaboration, and an integration of historically and clinically practical methods. All donations support scholarships for workshops, groups, and practicums.