Video: Psychological Dysfunction and Discomfort: Myths and Misinformation

Dr. Mullen discusses the myths and misinformation about mental health supported by the pathographic focus of the disease model of mental healthcare, which is responsible for negative public opinion, media misrepresentation, misdiagnoses, stigma, and overall pessimism of the industry as a whole. The video illustrates the benefits of transitioning to the wellness model, which emphasizes the character strengths and virtues that generate the motivation, persistence, and perseverance to endure and recover.

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Self-esteem is the self-recognition of our value as applicable to our self, others, and the world; value is the accumulation of our positive self-qualities that generate our character strengths and virtues. Every physiological dysfunction generates a correlated deficiency of self-esteem due to the condition itself, and the corresponding disruption in natural human development. YouTube

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is one of the most common mental disorders, affecting the emotional and mental wellbeing of millions of U.S. adults and adolescents who find themselves caught up in a densely interconnected network of fear and avoidance of social situations. YouTube

When our neural pathways realign, there is a correlated change in behavior and perspective. Every thought, word, and action impel a receptive neuron to fire, transmitting a message, neuron to neuron to its destination. Neural restructuring is a natural consequence of recovery; recovery is facilitated by neural restructuring. YouTube

ReChanneling is dedicated to researching methods to alleviate symptoms of psychological dysfunctions (neuroses) and discomfort that impact our emotional wellbeing and quality of life. It does this by targeting the personality through empathy, collaboration, and program integration. YouTube

The disease or medical model of ‘mental’ health focuses on a deficit, disease model of human behavior. The Wellness Model focuses “on positive aspects of human functioning.” This disease model ‘defective’ emphasis has been the overriding psychiatric perspective for well over a century. YouTube

Why is your support essential? ReChanneling is dedicated to research and development of methods to alleviate symptoms of physiological dysfunction and discomfort. Our vision is to reshape the current pathographic emphasis on diagnoses over individual, which fosters a deficit, disease model of human behavior. Treatment programs must disavow ineffective, one-size-fits-all approaches and target the individual personality through communication, empathy, collaboration, and an integration of historically and clinically practical methods. All donations support scholarships for workshops and practicums.

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