Restructuring Our Neural Network

When we restructure our neural pathways, there is a correlated change in our behavior and perspective.

Science confirms our neural pathways are constantly realigning. Our disorder has been feeding our brain irrational thoughts and concepts since its onset. What is irrational? Irrational is anything detrimental to our emotional wellbeing and quality of life. Simply put, it is irrational to hurt yourself.

Our brain cannot differentiate between rational and irrational. It does not think; it provides the means for us to think. Our brain is an organic reciprocator. Its job is to provide the chemical and electrical neurotransmitters and hormones that maintain our heartbeat, nervous system, and blood–flow. They tell us when to breathe. They stimulate thirst, control our weight and digestion. They establish and affect our behavior, moods, memories, and so on. 

Hundreds-of-billions of nerve cells (neurons) arranged in pathways or networks make up our brains. Inside each of these neurons, there is electrical activity. Every stimulus we experience causes its receptive neuron to fire, transmitting a message from neuron to neuron until it generates a reaction. A stimulus occurs at every experience―a muscle movement, a decision, a memory, emotion, reaction, noise, the prick of a needle, a twitch―every part of our living being. Because of our disorder, we have structured our brain around unhealthy feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Our brain sustains this irrationality by naturally releasing pleasurable chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine). It does not know any better; it just works off our input. 

Neural restructuring is our brain’s capacity to change with learn­ing; functions performed by our neurotransmitters are learning functions. This process is called Hebbian learning, and this is important. Our brain learns at an incredibly accelerated rate, and what has been learned can be unlearned. A conscious input of healthy thought patterns reverses the trend. As our brain reciprocates our positive activities, our neural network restructures itself accordingly. We unlearn our unhealthy beliefs and behaviors and replace them with healthy ones. Over time, through deliberate repetition, healthy, rational thoughts and behaviors become habitual and spontaneous. 

An essential element in subverting our disorder is the deliberate restructuring of our neural network.

Neural restructuring is science, not hyperbole. The power of our words, thoughts, and actions is life-altering. We all can change the direction of our lives through Hebbian relearning, but the restructuring does not happen overnight, which is it must begin on day one of our commitment to recovery. 

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