Each of us is unlike every other being in the history of the world. We are one of a kind.


We are our body, mind, spirit, and emotions. For us to be healthy, the four components must work in concert to achieve homeostasis. Each is involved in every activity, although we favor one over the others. How do we know this? Imagine narrowly avoiding a collision on the freeway. As you sit safely on the shoulder, your hands become clammy, and you hyperventilate. You think of your family and ponder your mortality. You express anger at the driver who caused the incident and frustration at the delay while you thank god you survived.

Knowing these four components are integral and cooperative is helpful. When we have a mental block, physical exercise rejuvenates us. When our spirit is deflated, our mind takes us to a place that encourages us, or we dig up a memory of something that gives us joy or strength. When we are emotionally distraught, we engage in mental activities like balancing our checkbook or playing a board game. Or we turn to the physical and go to the gym, or jog, or swim. Or we meditate, pray, or practice yoga. In other words, when one component impacts us negatively, we turn to another one to compensate. This cooperation does not happen by accident; we control their functionality.

We are children of the Universe

Remember, we are children of the universe, entitled to everything the universe has to offer. It is the implicit theory of positive psychology, humanism, and their mentor Abraham Maslow that all individuals are extraordinary by their humanness, and each has the potential for significant personal achievement.

Each of us is unlike every other being in the history of the world. We are one of a kind and inimitable; there will never be another one like us. We are special. We belong. We are an essential part of everything, and without us, the world would not exist. The Philosophy of Organism states that every actual entity is present in every other actual entity. The Principle of Process determines we are in a constant process of becoming because we are creativity.  We are significant and necessary.

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