ReChanneling Inc is an organization dedicated to alleviating the impact of ‘mental’ dysfunctions (neuroses) through a wellness model of program development, research, and individual support.


I invite you to join our online group on strategizing your ‘mental’ disorder. If you are committed to alleviating those symptoms that impact your emotional wellbeing and quality of life, contact us. This is a no-fee discussion and support group. You are not alone, it is not your fault, and you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

The disease or medical model has been the approach towards mental health since the dawning of civilization. It is called the pathographic perspective. Pathography is the history of our suffering. The wellness model focuses, not on our disease and deficits, but on our character strengths, virtues, and achievements. A disorder, condition, or dysfunction is what used to be called a neurosis. A disorder is a common part of natural human development. It is, simply, a condition that negatively impacts our emotional wellbeing and quality of life. 

It is important  that we understand  we are not accountable  for our disorder. We did not  make it  happen.  It happened  to us.  We are,  however,  responsible for doing  something about it  if we want  to get healthy.  Rather than  emphasizing  what is wrong with us, the wellness model  explicitly  addresses  our character strengths  and attributes  that generate  the motivation  and perseverance  necessary  for recovery. That is how we recover―with pride and self-reliance and determination―with the awareness of what we are capable. A battle is not won by focusing on fear and weakness; it is won by knowing and utilizing our strengths, and attributes. The disease medal focuses on the problem; the wellness model emphasizes the solution.

Dr. Robert Mullen

I have never encountered such an efficient professional . . . His work transpires dedication, care, and love for what he does.”    Jose Garcia Silva, Ph.D. , Composer, Cosmos.

Dr. Mullen

Robert F. Mullen holds seminars and practicums on ReChanneling, Strategizing Your Psychological Disfunction, and Memory Retrieval and Emotional Recall, as well as workshops focused on specific mental disorders. A published academic author, Dr. Mullen is a philosophy graduate of California Institute of Integral Studies; his disciplines include contemporary behavior, modified psychobiography, and method psychology. Mullen is a firm advocate of the Wellness Model of mental healthcare, disputing the effectiveness of the etiology-driven disease or medical model. READ MORE


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