Social Anxiety Workshops
Robert F. Mullen, Ph.D.


    Strengthen your networking skills and
    enhance your social life!

    Based on the successful CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs.

    ReChanneling examines methods to refine, redefine, and reinstate our better values. Through the
    process of ReChanneling, we refine that goodness extant within us, redefine that which has been
    distorted or falsified, and reinstate that which has been lost or misplaced. The methods found in
    ReChanneling are effective in the resolution of multiple behavioral neuroses including social (SAD)
    and other anxieties, coping with loss or a stressful situation or condition, depression, and other
    symptoms of distress and dis-ease.   

    ReChanneling addresses our psycho-physiological imbalance by helping to refine, redefine, and
    reinstate positive values through the infinite fusion of the mind, body, and spirit which is called
    the integral complex of being or the Beingness Complex. Too often, we address the obvious
    mental depression without involving the somatic and spiritual. We search for pharmaceutical
    relief for a condition of the physical, mental and bodily, without taking into account the emotional
    catalysts and how they affect and are affected by our inner being.

    ReChanneling encourages the individual to consciously replace the maladaptive behavior with
    one of positive and comparable value while addressing the integral components of the mind,
    body, and spirit. ReChanneling emphasizes the homeostasis of the beingness-complex through
    the combination of contemporary cognitive and experiential remedial theories, the authentic
    presence and emotional recollection of Stanislavski's method, and the Arbhidharmic concepts
    of mindfulness governance.

    ReChanneling easily incorporates the primary elements of cognitive behavioral therapy. The
    Cognitive part of CBRT is the "restructuring" of the mind, the rerouting of our physical neural
    networks (i.e., thought processes) by means of disputing our irrational thoughts and beliefs and
    substituting rational thoughts and beliefs in their place --- there are fifteen to twenty specific
    steps that need to be learned to be able to do this.

    The cognitive part of the therapy is the part that can be "taught". Then the individual person
    needs to take what he has been taught or advised, practice it at home, and through means of
    repetition, get that new "learning" down into the brain over and over again so that is becomes
    automatic or habitual. That will support the physical rerouting of the established neurons.

    The Behavioral aspect of CBT or CBRT is behavioral modification which  trains individuals to
    change the negative behaviors.  It is a gradual, step-by-step process, one that can't be forced
    because our initial reaction to pressure is to become anxious - and it defeats the purpose.  We
    call these behavioral activities "experiments."

    This change doesn't happen overnight. It is a dedicated. gradual, step-by-step process, one that
    can't be forced because our initial reaction to pressure is to become anxious―and that additional
    pressure can defeat the purpose.  The neural network that retains our habitual actions are, over
    time, firmly set in patterns that facilitate our social anxiety; we must work hard and long to realign
    the those patterns.




    As teacher and mentor, Robert F. Mullen has
    personally guided me through the processes of
    emotional and professional preparation for auditions
    and roles.  Two things come foremost to mind ―
    1. his method of establishing an immediate
    preparedness for situations common in my business
    and 2. his ability to open me to a more formidable
    and positive outlook.  I love his classes because the
    only pressure comes from within, not from the
    instructor, who clearly loves what he is doing.       

    Leon Vitovitch, commercials & the S.F. Opera Co.
Social Anxiety
    Confidential, Nonjudgmental, and Safe
For those who wish to rediscover and be
in command of their emotional faculties
and communicate with authenticity.

San Francisco Bay Area

Six participants only in a once-weekly,
2.5 hour workshop for a period of twelve weeks.*

* Follow-up sessions to track progress as determined
by the demands of the participant.
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Dr. Robert F. Mullen
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