I am writing this note to let you know how appreciative I am with the work of the
editor,Robert Mullen.  He has edited the final draft of my dissertation with such
professionalism, it is impressive.  I have been a student at CIIS for the past 6 years
and I have worked with several editors throughout this period.  I have never
encountered such an efficient professional in this school.  His work transpires
dedication, care, and love for what he does.      
                Jose Garcia Silva, PhD.

As teacher and mentor, Robert F. Mullen has personally guided me through the
process of emotional and artistic preparation for auditions, technique, and roles.  
Two things come foremost to mind – 1. His method of establishing immediate
preparedness for situations common in the entertainment industry, and 2.
His ability to open me to a more formidable and positive outlook.
I love his classes because the only pressure comes from within, not from the
instructor, who clearly loves and knows what he is doing.
                                               Leon Vitovitch, commercials actor

Robert has the prototypical work ethic and understanding of the corporate world
to stay on top of issues, even as problems arise, and see the bids to completion.  
He was one of the first to point out potential problems and more importantly, made
suggestions on how to handle the issues ... Having an individual like Robert,
that truly understands the competitive nature of the service provider industry
gave us a clear advantage from a sales perspective, as well.
                                          British-Telecom North American, Inc.

Robert is underemployed in his present position and has demonstrated the
ability to successfully accomplish a more demanding and challenging job
function/role ... Robert also seems to have the knack of employing his
negotiating skills between diverse participants and personalities within
projects at the critical moment.                      

Your [Robert Mullen's] team was well organized and professional as they contacted
area papers and news sources sparking interest
.              Arkansas State University

I am truly impressed with the results of all your efforts on my behalf and the
commitment you have made to me and my career
.            The Academy of the Sword

I am pleased to be able to report another highly successful Bunnings Capers
Incentive Programme ... initial verbal feedback indicates that delegates view
the San Francisco programme as our most successful yet.                                           
                                        Anderson Communications Pty Ltd, Australia

I received a letter from Robert F. Mullen recommending you for the position of United
States Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill in President Elect Obama’s Administration. ...
Your credentials are very impressive and I am pleased to forward your resume to
the Presidential Transition Team
.                                       Senator Dianne Feinstein

Just a quick note to thank you for the Great Job you did on our proposed
article for  "Entrepreneur" and other promo materials.
                              National Yellow Pages Consulting Associates, Inc

It is refreshing to work with an organization that possesses sincere commitment,
ethics, and genuinely cares about its clients.  
 Sharon Hoery & Associates, Colorado

First of all, the tone of the paper, the writing, the subject was compelling from
start to finish ... clearly, your command of language, the beauty of your
language belongs to an artist ... loved your use of quotes as they grounded the
article in the personal and gave 'voice' to those who suffer …  Actually, I am
simply in awe at the writing, your insights, your deep knowing of transcendence,
your intuitive understanding of psychic-physical pain, your connection of
the pain to healing,  your concept/title, and above all, your innate
compassion for those you speak of.     
                        Janice Parker, Ph.D.

John-Kid is filled with dark comedy as well as pathos.  …a power play
between the actor and the jock for the control of John’s future.

“A Country Musical” makes super enthusiastic theater…The
Production has an overwhelming feeling for life. It is exciting!

A sparkling “Country Musical” … should carry you along on its sheer zest and vitality.

Most musicals are lucky to have one secondary comical character; this enterprising
and entertaining new show has been blessed with three.

You may have a break-through here: it sounds exciting and theatrical.   
     Jerome Lawrence
                                                                                                                                             Inherit the Wind
                                                                                                                                                        The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail

Robert F. Mullen, Ph.D.


An unemployed actor, his psychotic
brother and an aging gigolo, living
in squalor, relieved by perpetual
darts tournaments and Scrabble games.
These are the characters in “Tricycles,”
the dark comedy by Robert F. Mullen
that continues only though this
weekend at the New Theatre
in Sacramento.

Don’t overlook the games, says The
Bee’s Robert A. Masullo, because they
are clues to the deeper games of life,
the mental manipulations that lies just
below the surface of this cleverly made,
sometimes painful play.  The critic
praises Shirley O’Key’s lean, snappy
directing and skills of Mullen who
also acts in the work.  Brian Eric
Johnson and Dennis Porter-Curry -
all of them with a flair for the sardonic.


The action in Robert F. Mullen’s “Tricycles” could easily
be seen as taking place in another room in the hell
envisioned by Sartre in “No Exit.”

… His edge of the razor blade reality enlightens us about
the uncomfortable nature of our  times.

Don’t overlook the games…they are clues to the
deeper games of life, the mental manipulation that
lies just below the surface.

Tricycles is going to push your buttons…hard.  Not
only your funny button…also the ones that send us
into shivers when we’re confronted with mirror
images of our fallibilities and foibles, those that create
internal outrage when we realize how universally
we create screwed up relationships.

Tricycles rolls smartly down life’s paths … bitterly funny. John-Kid
is a provocative study of ambivalence, ambiguity and turnabouts
in relationships…There is a lot of small talk, teasing, and cruelties
between the three to cover up their anger, neuroses, fears,
sexual ambiguities and alienation.