Transform Myself Inc.

Transform Myself Inc., a nonprofit subsidiary of Unity Ministries, has contracted with ReChanneling™ to produce a series of cognitive behavioral restructuring workshops for persons with social anxiety. The second pair of practicum’s, scheduled in San Francisco and Oakland early next year, is for gay and gay-friendly men. Later meetings will broaden to include men of all persuasions. It is estimated that around 32 million Americans have been afflicted with social anxiety. That number doubles for the LGBT community. As per guidelines by the America Psychological Association, each 10–hour Workshop is limited to twelve participants.

Transform Myself Inc. is founded on the principle that all persons are possessed of the inherent human potential to expand the boundaries of normal life into that of extraordinary vision and determination. To this goal, the Bay Area-based nonprofit group provides the tools for renewed self-reliance, transformation, and emphatic interaction. Established by a coalition of dedicated professionals committed to giving back to the community, Transform Myself Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide support for those individuals and organizations who wish to achieve self-fulfillment and prosperity through a variety of diverse and compassionate programs including Unity World Wide Ministries, ReChanneling™, and Death Cafe.


Unity Ministry. Unity World Wide Ministries is a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity. With well over 80,000 participants, Unity honors the universal truths in all religions and respects each individual’s right to choose a spiritual path.
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 Support and Assistance to Other Ministries
 Workshops and Lectures on Spiritual Economics

Our complex neural network can be easily manipulated through repetition.

ReChanneling™ addresses behavioral issues through enhanced cognitive behavioral restructuring of the neural pathways that have been distorted by years of neglect and mismanagement.
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 Personal Development Seminars
 Corporate and Nonprofit Training Motivational Seminars

Death Café is an international movement that continues to grow since its inception almost a decade ago. It focuses on providing and facilitating informal gatherings that encourage those who wish to explore the many issues around death and dying to do so in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental setting. Such exploration may allow individuals to enjoy an expanded view of dying while enabling them to make helpful decisions that will positively affect their (finite) lives. To date there have been approximately 7000 such gatherings worldwide.

Individual and Group Counseling
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 Social Anxiety
 Workshops on Grief

In this era of complexity besieged with social discomfort and spiritual malaise, Transform Myself Inc. is dedicated to supporting and guiding those who aspire to recapture awareness of their potential to find purpose and to lift the human spirit.