Experiencing Social Anxiety? Meet Your Subjugator.

Social Anxiety destroys lives.
39 million U.S. adults suffer from Social Anxiety.
It’s time to take it seriously.

Let’s put a face to this thing we call Social Anxiety. A visual representation might help us better understand the complexities of its possessive power. We’ll call him Schemer. Schemer is a high–level Director of Big Brother, Orwell’s repressive agency in1984. Schemer exists as the embodiment of Social Anxiety, his power derived through the complicity of those living under the political regime that is Oceania. Schemer’s all-powerful department feeds on the fear and negative self–reflection common under subjugation. Its role is to shatter any thought of resistance through methods of severe reprisal. Imagine yourself a “citizen” of Oceana, subjected, daily, to assaults of mindspeak propaganda: ”slavery is freedom,” “ignorance is freedom,” “you have no value”.


Schemer despises your complacency; he is contemptuous of your emotional instability and self–disparagement. He fantasizes wringing your scrawny neck while whispering in your ear like a spiteful over, “You are nothing without me. You can’t function without me. You will always be a failure. And there is nothing you can do about it. Freedom is hopeless.” That’s the objective of social anxiety: control through subjugation. It closes the door on alternative, shuts the windows to possibility, and stokes your reticence to opportunity. As only water can destroy the Wicked Witch of the West, Social Anxiety can only be defeated by rational thought and action By self–affirmations conducive to your prosperity and self–reliance, convictions designed to counter decades of wrong–thinking and false perception. Only by recognition of your inherent strength and determination can you overwhelm a lifetime of propaganda designed to keep you from that to which you are inherently entitled. Only by reclaiming your birthright can you reclaim what social anxiety has taken from you―the promise of a life of productivity and prosperity.

Big Brother

This is how you defeat Schemer and his destructive propaganda. You revolt. You refute his authority. You not only oppose what he stands for, you use every opportunity to challenge his legitimacy. You stop feeding him with your false self–perceptions. You reclaim the qualities that celebrate your uniqueness and rechannel your self–destructive, false perceptions into pride of your individuality. You consider the value and wisdom of anything and everything counter-intuitive to your current condition because every belief, concept, thought, and action you held or acted upon while under the spell of social anxiety is wrong! If they held any logic or validity you wouldn’t be suffering!

Social Anxiety can be overcome. “robertfmullen.com”

Robert F. Mullen, Ph.D.

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