Robert F. Mullen, Ph.D.
A Holistic Advance on Standard Behavioral Therapy.

ReChanneling is a progressive program of self-motivation to address
issues detrimental to your self–reliance and prosperity.
transcends contemporary psychology in its recognition of the universal
aspiration towards excellence, the compulsion to self–reliance and

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) teaches you how your thoughts,
feelings, and behaviors overlap and intertwine. CBT has been proven to
work for many different mental health problems including Social
Anxiety, depression, general anxiety and other disorders, and
substance abuse. CBT is structured, short-term, goal-oriented and
focused on the present and the solution.

Cognitive theory assumes that maladaptive behavior and neurosis
(components of dis-ease) are the results of inappropriate or irrational
thinking patterns caused by ingrained reactions to situations and
conditions experienced by the individual. Cognition addresses the
restructuring of the mind―the physical rerouting of our neural
networks―by disputing these irrational thoughts and beliefs and
substituting rational ones in their place through repetition until they
become automatic and permanent replacements. The behavioral
component of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) involves participation
in active, structured therapy groups, training the individual to modify
negative tendencies by means of positive repetitious activities
commensurate with standard therapeutic methods.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) was developed to help people cope
with unstable emotions and harmful behaviors. DBT is an evidence-
based approach to help people regulate emotions. It started as a
treatment for borderline personality disorder, and current research
shows it may help with many different mental illnesses or concerns,
particularly self-harm. Key differences between CBT and DBT are
validation and relationships. DBT teaches you that your experiences are
real, and it teaches you how to accept who you are, regardless of
challenges or difficult experiences.  CBT teaches you to take
responsibility for your current condition but initiate immediate and
proactive steps to ameliorate the malfunction.

Something in your life is interfering with your well being, your peace of
mind.  We’re all
broken in some way or another. Events, emotions,
situations, and relationships are often problematic. You have a choice.
You can either continue to do the thing that isn’t working, hoping for
different result, or you can rechannel it into a different perspective or
perception which results in a positive transformation in thought and
behavior. Understanding the interrelationship of your four factors is
crucial as each influences the others and can manifest behavioral. A
harmful emotional reaction is challenged by an intellectual evaluation.
Why do I feel this way? What led me to this distress? Debilitating
workplace pressure is immediately ameliorated by physical  activity or
spiritual contemplation. Issues become less desperate when they
automatically generate a new perspective.

Until recently, CBT and DBT have been largely provided on a therapeutic
basis which tends to focus on feelings and experiences related to past
ReChanneling is more focused on the here–and–now, finding  a
solution to the problem, be it depression, anxiety, or another neurosis.
While some issues go deeper and may require therapy, their influence
on your daily life is greatly diminished, You are in control of them
rather than the reverse. If you experience the crushing pain of a
unhealthy tooth you first seek relief for the pain and then determine
the underlying issue.

ReChanneling emphasizes self– reliance over therapy through
practicum, which puts the onus of responsibility on your shoulders. It
provides the recipe for self–confidence and prosperity―you bake the
ReChanneling is comfortable in one-on-one,  group, or
motivational seminar settings. Although cognitive behavioral and  
dialectical behavior therapies, as their names suggests, are most often
associated with ‘therapy,’ it is well known that their techniques can be
applied in many different areas.

A product of both psychology and philosophy,
ReChanneling provides a
much broader understanding of the many factors that influence your
life and underscore your condition―and how they are easily managed.
This is what we provide to you, the client.

Cognitive Behavioral Restructuring

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ReChanneling’s  Cognitive Behavioral Restructuring (CBR)
incorporates the best of CBT and DBT while addressing the
four integral factors of your being — your mind, emotions,
spirit, and body. Simultaneously, we initiate the scientific
process of neural network restructuring